The Slean computer riser

The essential to take care of these cervical at the same time as the planet.

The good desk

One bureau design which turns into consoles to save space and super comfortable chair so as not to break your back.
Responsable & Frenchie
At Slean, we are not in phase with this disposable furniture industry. Making a piece of furniture today does not mean giving it a limited lifespan so that it ends up on a sidewalk.
That's why our furniture is traceable and guaranteed for life.


A 100% made in France furniture
Our objective: to reduce the distances traveled by our parts as much as possible and to secure employment and know-how pools. If you live in Paris, your desk will have traveled less than 500 km to reach you.

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The right chair

Comfortable above all
With our chair, work serenely without breaking your back. All the ergonomic fundamentals for working 8 hours a day are respected: lumbar support, height adjustable, reinforced seat...
Ultra chic to fit into your home
With its pretty curves and its five colors white, black, taupe, yellow and terracotta, our designer chair will find its place in your interior!
Tested and approved
All our products are tested and approved by a specialist in work ergonomics. Slean joins forces with Julien Paccaud, Osteopath DO, Posturologist, Speaker, Trainer and founder of Body Ecology to guarantee that our chairs and desks are thought out and designed for your well-being and productivity!

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Good for people and the planet.

A good product

We want to design furniture "like in the good old days". An expression that unfortunately does not exist in Swedish. For us, making furniture means making good furniture.

Our furniture is guaranteed for life.

A good note : 0 waste

We don't want to make good students, we simply have real commitments to achieve zero waste.

At Slean, we buy back your products when you no longer need it to prevent it from ending up on the sidewalk.

A good circuit

We manufacture in France and we value know-how.

It's more than a conviction, it's the right way for us to do things. And for that, it's good to be frenchie. In France there are companies that have perfectly mastered the machining of wood and metal for several generations.