The New Desk
More compact, more economical, a 100% French. The new Slean Desk is coming!

The right solution to work well, in the office as well as at home.

A design desk which turns into consoles for save space and a very comfortable chair not to hurt your back.
A design desk which turns into consoles to save space and a super comfortable chair not to hurt your back.

Eco-responsible and French

We believe that a great desk should be good to mankind and the planet

At Slean, we are not into Fast Furniture. We want our furniture to last and not to end up discarded on the sidewalk. Our supply chain is transparent, and our items come with lifetime guarantee.

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By choosing Made in France and supporting local craftsmanship we want to align our actions with our strong will. Your desk won't travel around the world to arrive at your home or workplace.

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The right chair

Stylish to fit your interior
With its pretty curves and five colors white, black, taupe, yellow and terracotta, our design chair will find its place in your home!
Comfortable before and after all

This chair combines sleek design and essential ergonomic features such as lumbar support, height adjustment and a reinforced seat, for a painless workday. 

Tested and approved

All our products are tested and approved by a ergonomics at work.
Slean joins forces with Julien Paccaud, Do Osteopath, Posturologist, Speaker, Trainer and founder of Ecology of the body to ensure that our chairs and desks are thought and designed for your well-being and productivity!

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Good for Mankind and the planet.

A good product

We want to design furniture "as in the good old days". Unfortunately, this expression does not exist in Swedish.

For us, to make furniture is to make good furniture.

Our furniture is guaranteed for life.

A good rating: 0 waste

We do not want to act like the star pupil, we simply have real commitments to achieve zero waste.

At Slean, we buy back your products when you no longer need it to prevent it from ending up on the sidewalk.

A good circuit

It is manufactured in France and we value the know-how.

It is more than a strong will, it is the right way for us to do things. And for that, it's good to be Frenchie. In France there are companies that have mastered the machining of wood and metal for several generations.