Partisans du bon sens.

Chez Slean on crée des solutions simples pour accélérer la flexibilité du travail et rendre les entreprises plus "Lean" (souple), sans faire de compromis envers les hommes et l'environnement.

A Made in France supply chain

Made in France, a no-brainer

It's good to be Frenchie. In France, we have companies that have existed for several generations and that perfectly master the machining of wood and metal.

Make Made in France and valuing know-how, it is more than a conviction, it is for us, the right way to do it.

We work with 3 French industries in Normandy, Deux-Sèvres and Maine et Loire.

If you live in Paris, your office will have travel less than 500 km to get to you.

Being eco-friendly, a conviction

Working in France also means making sure to apply ecological and social regulations among the most restrictive in the world and thus guarantee to do as little damage as possible to the planet and to man.

The beech wood of the Vosges comes from an eco-regulated forest (PEFC)

The used treatments and coatings are all eco-friendly with A+ ratings (very low emissions)

Our products are made to last, and are guaranteed for life.

All parts are removable and replaceable in case of breakage.

We want to create a circular model to give a 2nd life to your products by buying them back from you