The good collab table

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Made in France

Pure product of French know-how. The parts that make up the bench were assembled in France. The wood used also comes from French eco-regulated forests.

Lifetime warranty

Slean products are unconditionally guaranteed for life. A broken part, we replace it free of charge, no questions asked.

Convenient storage

Plugged in, it has two sockets for your computer or telephone. Sleek and leaves no room for clutter.

Studious atmosphere or relaxation, the good collab table strengthens team spirit!

La bonne table de collab

The all-purpose table

Plug & play
The board includes 2 mains sockets, a USB-C and USB-A socket to adapt to all power supply needs.
Meeting, coworking, leaving drink and more! The right table adapts to ALL your desires. Much more than a classic table, a living table.
The new table is built in an eco-responsible approach: beech from an eco-regulated forest. Easily washable and guaranteed for life
A 100% made in France furniture

Our goal: to reduce the distances traveled by our parts as much as possible and to secure employment pools and know-how. If you live in Paris, your office will have traveled less than 500 km to reach you.

Technical characteristics

Desk's plan 131/70

Leg: Solid beech
Frame: Steel
Top: Plywood
laminated beech

Size and weight
Height: 740 mm
Length: 1600mm
Depth: 800mm
Weight: 35kg

Board grip:
2 recessed sockets 230v
1 recessed USB C + socket

Leg: Solid beech from the Vosges
Frame: Steel
Top: Beech plywood

Size and weight
Height: 1050 mm
Length: 2200mm
Depth: 1000mm
Weight: 70kg

Board grip:
2 recessed sockets 230v
1 recessed USB C + USB A socket

Slean's ecological commitment
We integrate the entire creative process, from design to production, in order to develop sustainable, accessible and local solutions.