Furniture recycling options


Nearly 2 million tons of furniture are thrown away every year in France. At Slean, we act to have a more responsible furniture industry.

We guarantee our products for life, and we redeem if you want to get rid of it. All our products are repairable to guarantee them a maximum longevity. 

However, this is not the case with all brands. Don't panic, you can give a new life to your old piece of furniture. How ? Several options are available to you: donation, the sale and the recycling

Slean can also help you with 1-for-1 trade-in of your product.


  • The donation

Your product is still in good condition but you want to get rid of it to change your interior? You can opt for donation. There will be happy people thanks to you! 😍

To donate your old piece of furniture, there are many platforms allowing you to contact individuals who will be delighted to recover your piece of furniture (Geev, …).

  • The sale

You can also get some money back by selling your old piece of furniture which will partly finance your new purchase.💰Here too, there are platforms to connect individuals, such as The good corner or Isidore

  • The recycling

Your old furniture is no longer in good condition ? You can find a sorting center near you to have it recycled. ♻️ Thanks to the website Sorting house (via eco-mobilier), you can find the recycling center suitable for your old furniture. 

  • The 1 for 1 takeover by Slean

Slean can take back your old piece of furniture, when your purchase replaces an equivalent product from your home. 

Your old piece of furniture should be over 20kg, it must be completely dismantled and placed in 1 or 2 boxes📦

This is the 1 for 1 recovery. Your old piece of furniture must be similar size and function to your new purchase. This trade-in only works on the purchase of chairs and desks. 🪑

Example: Have you just fallen for the Perfect Desk? We can take over your old office (any brand).

How does it work ?

During your purchase, you'll need to add to your cart the "1 for 1 Recovery" which is at the bottom of the desks' page, or click here.

Your old piece of furniture must weigh more than 20kg. Below this weight, we cannot trade in, and you will have to choose another option to give your furniture a new life.

Immediately after your purchase, you will have to fill this form which will be emailed to you.📝 It will allow you to confirm the recovery, and we will have the details to organize it. You have 72 hours after your order to complete it.

⚠️It will be necessary to disassemble  your old piece of furniture, and put it in 1 or 2 cartons maximum. It's up to you to find the right boxes for this recovery. They will have to be taped. If this is not the case, the carrier reserves the right not to accept your product.

A box cannot exceed 30 kg. The dimensions of a package to respect are L x 2l x 2h ne.

The delivery of your new piece of furniture and the recovery of the old one will not take place at the same time. Collection will take place a few days after delivery. The carrier will pick up your furniture at the bottom of the building.🏢

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us by email at