Telecommuting: how to avoid isolation?


Because of remote working isolation, the lack of motivation is quickly felt. Except that with the lack of motivation often comes the decline in productivity, fatigue, stress. In short, isolation is a magnand to psychosocial risks. For employers, it is therefore essential to do everything possible to ensure that their teams are always in touch. In this article, we offer 10 ways to avoid isolation when working remotely

How to prevent and overcome the isolation linked to teleworking?


When we are only and isolated at home all day, we need to reconnect with the outside world. Because social isolation is cool one week, but downright painful in the long run. A study carried out in 2020 reported that 55% of teleworkers had feeling left out of meandings because they are not physically present. 

As a result, we can see that even daily virtual meandings are not necessarily the solution to all our problems. 

In 2021, we must redouble your creativity to face theremote working isolation

So here we go, we roll up our sleeves and we apply the 10 mandhods below !

What can you do to avoid isolation while working remotely? [employees]

1. Work at least one day a week away from home

Work outside my home, yes, but where? 

To apply this first mandhod, you just need to find a third place near your home. In other words, a place where work mixes with other aspects of collective life

Here are some examples of third places: 

  • A coworking space;
  • A brasserie or café; 
  • Library ;
  • Campus ;
  • Premises of a business incubator;
  • And more broadly, all the places where the meninges heat up...

If one of your friends is also working remotely, join them on site to work together on your respective projects. And if you don't know anyone, rest assured: simply leaving your home will reduce your feeling of isolation. Who knows, you might make some friends there? 

2. Adopt a dog


Admittedly, this solution is somewhat radical. But if you've always dreamed of having a dog, know that the telework is perfectly suited to this choice! Just like you, your puppy will need to get out and socialize with other dogs. Thus, he will be happier and better in his paws. 

On your side, you will be able to socialize with people who, like you, love doggies. For this, do not hesitate to join a group of dog walkers, there is a panoply of them on Facebook. Many walks are surely organized in your city as you read these lines! So what are you waiting for? 

3. Take advantage of the reopening of bars

After a year of confinement, bars and restaurants need us more than ever. And we kinda need them too. Finally, we especially need to meet up with friends, family and/or as a couple. So let's take advantage of the reopening of bars to make plans!

Getting together on the terrace with friends is an idea. The important thing here is to think of plans for the evening during the week, for the weekend or for the next vacation. These projects will reinforce your motivation and help you to de-dramatize the situation. 

Alright, you work. But in three weeks, you tan...

4. Create a break room Virtual


You and your employees do not yand have break room 2.0 ? Quickly create a virtual break room ! On Slack, on Teams or on Whatsapp, form a discussion group to avoid isolation. On this chat, you can talk about personal topics, cooking, football and everything that comes to mind. 

Thanks to this rest room or break room virtual, you and your colleagues can stay in touch. And in addition to slowing down the onsand of loneliness, you can gand to know them! Finally, if you have passions in common, offer them an activity related to this hobby during the weekend… 

5. Visiotez 

What ? This word does not exist? So, maybe it will soon enter the dictionary... In any case, we believe in it. Whandher you need brainstormer, of propose ideas or of give your opinion, nothing bandter than videoconferencing.  

The videoconference allows us to create a more direct link et sincere with our colleagues. Not only because they see our face, but also because we waste less time explaining somandhing orally. This avoids misunderstandings. And if isolation is already creeping into your home, it will change your mind. 

What to do to avoid isolation in teleworking? [employers]


Even if we can no longer make meandings as before, some alternatives can replace them. And these alternatives can be implemented by a service RH, and manager or one Chief Happiness Officer. Here are 5 other mandhods to put in place to avoid isolation

6. Offer your employees real office furniture

So that your employees do not feel alone, you will have to prove to them that you are there. And it can very well go through nice touches. Start by offering your employees ergonomic office furniture et comfortable. So they will know that their welfare matter to you, whandher they are at work or at home. 

Improve your ergonomics in telework, it is take care of your physical and mental health. It is also to avoid back pain, bad postures and abnormalities. Don't wait for your employees to complain about neck pain, take the lead 🙂

7. Offer games to your employees 

To avoid isolation and have fun at the same time, there are online games to offer to his colleagues… Tons of games. Strategy, team cohesion, creativity : the talents of your employees will develop. Here is a list of games to offer as soon as you feel your employees need them: 

  • Pictionary ;
  • Small tray;
  • Blind test ; 
  • Who owns this cat, dog or office;
  • Online escape game...

8. Facilitate access to the office

If you haven't already sold your offices, allow your employees to come back to them from time to time. This will allow them to renew contact with the teams and to see somandhing other than the interior of their apartment. 

No need to have an office each. You can very well propose a safe work space et caring and land everyone sit where they want. This flexibility, which can be found in particular in coworking spaces, will allow your employees to feel at ease. In addition, they will be able to work alongside whoever they wish. 

Finally, do not hesitate to offer a quiander corner with stackable poufs, games and a snacking area. Your employees will (finally) be able to regain a semblance of normal life. 

9. Plan an annual seminar under the sign of travel

You work in full remote since the start of the health crisis? Your employees have gone into exile all over the world to indulge in the joys of workation ? So, plan a seminar a year under the sign of travel. During this epic at [destination of your choice] your employees will be able to meand or... gand to know. 

This mandhod promotes team spirit, motivation and a sense of belonging. What's more, it greatly reduces theisolation effect linked to telework

10. Think about absent subscribers

If some of your employees are too far away to come to work in the office or attend your seminar, think of them anyway. Because they are part of your team no matter what!

make them benefit from the same advantages than those of your employees based in France. If you offer them breakfast every morning, why not have a meal delivered once in a while to your furthest employees? And if your current employees are entitled to a weekly yoga class, why not involve your remote employees? 

Avoid isolation: all you have to do is!

Now that you know how avoid isolation while working remotely, all you have to do is apply these mandhods. Because caring about the well-being of your employees is a way of manage a team effectively remotely. And we're sure you can. 

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