Depolluting office plants are a weapon for your productivity 🍀


In addition to being downright Instagrammable, depolluting desk plants are good for your productivity. And for your creativity. And… for your health too. If you are about perfect your office space, consider taking a trip to a garden center or the florist. You will inevitably find THE depolluting office plant to go with your Slean ergonomic furniture. But before you jump in your car, here is an overview of benefits of depolluting office plants! 

3 benefits of depolluting office plants (in addition to their obvious charm)


Plants are much more than decoration. Greenery has relaxing virtues and brings us closer to nature. And like trees, plants help us breathe easier. In fact, they reduce, through their metabolism, the amount of pollutants in the air indoors. 

"Depolluting office plants can reduce VOC emissions by 75% and significantly increase the concentration of oxygen in the air" 

John Patykowski, Deakin University · Centre for Integrative Ecology

1. Improved ambient air quality

Let's start with the beginning : plants absorb carbon dioxide from a room and release water vapor. Thus, they increase the humidity level of the office and neutralize the waves of computer screens. This process is called photosynthesis.

That was a little reminder of the SVT courses. It never hurts! 

Moreover, this information is not new, it was already known 40 years ago! In the 1980s, a NASA study showed that plants could remove chemicals from the air such as:

  • benzene; 
  • trichloroethylene;
  • and formaldehyde.

Of course, this study has been confirmed by more recent research. More recently, a research group from the University of Sydney showed that plants helped to reduce the level of carbon dioxide by 10% in air-conditioned rooms and by 25% in places without air-conditioning. 

2. Increased productivity and motivation

Let's continue with what really interests us: productivity increases by 15% when employees are surrounded by depolluting plants!

Incredible but very real, this statistic comes from a study by the University of Exeter, in the United Kingdom. “The addition of a single plant per square meter promotes employee memorization and productivity,” explains researcher Dr. Chris Knight in charge of the survey.

In addition, depolluting office plants act as a natural barrier, which reduces noise and therefore improves performance. Concentration, productivity, creativity: green plants are indeed a weapon of choice to work more and faster.

3. Reduction of fatigue, headaches and all that bothers us

Let's wrap up this list with some interesting facts about depolluting office plants:  plants reduce anxiety by 37%. But these are also very effective in fighting depression (58% drop), anger (44%) and fatigue (38%). 

Who would have thought that the benefits of depolluting office plants were so numerous? And we didn't tell you? The relaxing virtues of depolluting plants are largely due to its color. Green is a natural stress reliever. So, take the test: start your green cure!

What are the best depolluting office plants? (and our tips for taking care of it)


A study has identified the five species of depolluting office plants that boost productivity the most, here they are: 

  • Croton or Codiaeum variegatum if you like fancy names;
  • Gloxinia ;
  • Rubber ;
  • Yucca ;
  • And basil.

Some research suggests that large-leaved plants are able to remove more carbon dioxide from the air. This article interests you but you don't have a green thumb? Go for an easy-care plant like peace lilies, ferns, or mother-in-law's tongue. We are talking about the plant, huh. 

How to take care of your depolluting office plants? 

You really don't have a green thumb and don't know how to take care of your depolluting office plants? Take it easy. Start by referring to the advice of a specialist when you go to buy your plant. Take the opportunity to ask him questions. 

In fact, caring for office plants is a lot easier than you might think. They only need three things to stay alive: light, water and nutrients. As well as space to grow, of course. Place your plants near a window. Like us, they love to bask in the sun. 

If your room is not very bright, prefer plants with large, spreading deep green leaves. And if your room is often sunny, choose what you want: plants with small leaves, hanging plants, cacti... Finally, all office plants need a regular watering. If the weather is particularly hot or your plants are in direct sunlight, water them a little more often.

Plants are a weapon, Slean ergonomic furniture is another!

Are you redecorating your office? home office ? Are you looking for ways to increase the productivity of your employees? Are you looking to create an office space that is both aesthetic and ergonomic? You are in the right place. In addition to decorating your office with green plants, invest in healthy furniture, traceable and guaranteed for life.

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