How to find a balance between professional life and personal life?

Comment trouver son équilibre entre vie pro vie perso ?

Personal life balance, it is not an exact science but rather a way of thinking. You will not be able to find two people who have the same definition of the balance bandween professional and personal life. But you can always try! In fact, finding the right balance is finding a happy medium between his many daily priorities. Read on for three key tips and finally find your professional life balance !


What is personal work life balance?


Personal life balance refers to the priority level granted to each action or person. Some will find their balance by spending 8 hours a day working. Others will prefer to pick up their child at school at 4:30 p.m. and stay with them until bedtime. Still others will have to spend at least 1 hour a day doing sports.

Good work-life balance is therefore talking point… According to writer Paul Krassner, happiness would mean not dissociating professional life from personal life, or as little as possible.

Today, personal life balance often comes up on the table at home and at work! We would all like to be able to find THE magic recipe, THE happy medium, THE way to go. Most, personal life balance is it so hard to find?

Finding a balance between professional and personal life: a Chinese puzzle?


Previously, it was difficult, if not impossible, to take work home. Thus, a clear dividing line between professional life and personal life was marked.

Most the increase in telecommuting, the democratization of it isw technologies and the proliferation of instant messages blur the tracks. People in telework, freelancers and entrepreit isurs must therefore review their way of thinking about work. 

As Thomas d'Ansembourg says, "fewer and fewer human beings are going to agree to submit to a mode of operation". According to him, "today's citizen it iseds to feel alive in a living world."

It is therefore up to us, today and now, to draw our own split between work and personal life ! "I don't do enough if...", "I don't take care of that too much..." are self-imposed injunctions that don't move us in the right direction. In fact, these often it isgative self-criticisms create stress and guilt. 

So, what plan of attack to adopt to reconcile professional and private life?

Our 2.0 plan of attack to find the right balance between professional and personal life


And perfect balance between professional and personal life does not amount to putting all our centers of interest on the same footing: family, work, child, couple, home… That would be impossible! But it is an ever-evolving goal, a way of thinking that adapts to the reality of the moment… To learn to ne sacrifice nothing and opt for a balanced life, here are three key tips!

1. Organize your priorities (and stick to them)

For find the right balance between professional and personal life, defining priorities is mandatory. Because work is perfectly compatible with family life, provided you organize yourself a little bit. The easiest for finding a balance between work and family amounts to listing their requirements and desires. Then rank them in order of importance. This way, you can carry out the most urgent tasks when you are the most productive!

Here are categories to classify your tasks quickly:

  • They are pressing and important;
  • Important but not urgent;
  • Urgent but not important; 
  • They are it isither urgent nor important.

Now that you have a clearer view of what really matters in your life, grab a weekly calendar ! Then, start putting urgent and important tasks there first. And if you are in the morning, plan a decisive working time at this time of the day. Don't put off difficult tasks until the evening! 

Become an actor in your daily life to find the right balance ! Learn to say "no" to opportunities that don't appeal to you and don't be afraid to say "yes" when you feel like it! Your family life and your professional life will be more fulfilling as well.

Tip for effective organization: plan a maximum of three mandatory objectives per day so that you are always satisfied at the end of the day. 

2. Increase your creativity (to gain serenity)

Have you chased away the laziness of getting organized and filled your weekly calendar? That's a good thing done ! However, there will inevitably be times when nothing will go as planned (hiccups, surprises, loss of motivation, etc.). In these cases, learn to be creative! Imagine ways to address the most pressing priority.

For example, plan to delegate a project to a colleague to spend more time with your spouse. You can also provide a reward at the end of the day to motivate you to finish your tasks. For example: watching two episodes of Breaking Bad instead of one after your day at work! It will not affect your work life balance personal life and you will have achieved all your goals. 

Along the same lines, try to think of positive things when you're low on time or low on motivation. For example, replace:

  • "I'm not fast enough" by "This time is necessary for the realization of this work";
  • "I'm not gifted" by "Like everyone else, I have my strengths and my weaknesses";
  • "I'm afraid to fail" by "I like to learn new things and improve myself". 

3. Get well equipped to take care of yourself 

You understood that perfect personal life balance does not exist ? You have made the necessary efforts to allocate your time ? Do you know how to counter the slack and move forward? That's perfect, Albert Einstein would be proud of you! Because according to him, "life is like riding a bicycle, you have to move forward so as not to lose your balance". 

The last step in finding your balance between private and professional life is to equip yourself well. Indeed, working at home or in the office requires spending long hours in front of your computer. This can cause musculoskeletal problems, of the visual hazards as well as cardiovascular illnesses

For distinguish bandween professional life and personal life, but also to prevent the risks of sedentary work, invest in ergonomic equipment is a great idea! Your chair, your desk and all your accessories should be pleasant and ergonomic.

Start investing in efficient office equipment. Don't comfort yourself with the idea that your old student chair is enough for your well-being, change it! Nowadays, the chairs and desks are ergonomic and these objects adapt to our lifestyles. In any case, this is the case of Slean chairs and desks !

4. Say yes to disconnection (at least for a weekend)

Finally, take care of yourself! In the evening, end your day with a good hot bath or a massage (it's more ecological). Every week, play sports at least once, even if you don't like it... And remember to take time off! Because having a pleasant and ergonomic workplace is good, but knowing how to leave it from time to time is bandter! 

For find a balance in your life, finding time for yourself is essential. You can also ask your boss to adopt flexible hours. Flexibility will help you differentiate bandween pro and personal. Fact, you will be free to organize your day as you wish. To sum up, a good work life balance is a guarantee of fulfillment, more appreciable free time and satisfied loved ones. 

Finding your professional life balance: what you need to remember to flourish for sure!


To fully thrive in teleworking or in the office, you must learn to bandter balance professional life et private sphere. For it :

  • Accept that you are not Mr/Ms Perfect;
  • Create a schedule and stick to it as much as possible;
  • Take some time for yourself ;
  • Improve your workspace

Of course, try to reconcile family responsibilities and working life is difficult ! Take the time it takes to strike the right balance. From then on, you can take full advantage! So, where do you start to find your work-family balance?

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