8 best practices for effective telework


Even though it's been a year since the full remote is so trends, getting your bearings is not easy! But if you think twice, the remote work is a way of life adopted and loved by many freelancers for years. So, if freelancers can be fulfilled in teleworking, why not you? Here is 8 bis practices for effective telework !

8 bis practices for working remotely

With some regular effort, you can overcome the challenges of working from home as isolation, lack of self-confidence or demotivation. By applying the following 8 good practices, you will create a productive work environment, relaxing and pragmatic for yourself and for your team.

1. Find YOUR way to work remotely


There is no right or wrong way to work from home. 

Unlike your life at the office, you won't need to make yourself a herbal tea to wind down for 5 minutes or, on the contrary, to justify not taking a break.

You do what you want ! Temperature, background music, height of your designer office chair : no one tells you what to do. In addition, you have the right to choose your working hours (or at least the time slots when you work the most). 

If you know you are thoroughly as soon as you wake up, organize your day in such a way as to deal with the most intellectually stimulating files early in the morning. 

2. Take care of your body and mind

Since you work remotely, you no longer move from home? Put that bad habit away today and re-energize your body using a sport routine

Yoga, bodybuilding, running, tennis: whatever sport you like to sweat for, go for it. 

Staying in good shape will contribute to your well-being. And your well-being will boost your telecommuting productivity. So dedicate about 30 minutes a day to sport! And going to the fridge to serve you a glass of cold water doesn't count, huh...

3. Dedicate yourself to your personal life when it is necessary


Evenings and weekends, focus on your personal life. Also, set a time when you need to stop working. In this way, you will be more motivated and more productive when working remotely. 

After all, we are not machines. 

It's important to cut with his professional life for find a balance between professional and personal life. With this in mind, close your mailbox and your work tools at the end of your day. Or use a physical object to signal the end of the day. For example, put on your pajamas after a good shower or literally leave the house for X or Y reasons. All your ideas will be good to put the pro aside at the end of the day. 

4. Invest in the right equipment

When you are a fan of telework, you must feel comfortable from morning until evening home. And the best for that is toinvest in the right equipment

After all, you can't expect to produce great work with inferior equipment. That's why you need to buy the best equipment: items that last a long time, that are easy to use and that adapt to your body type. 

At Slean, we offer you ergonomic furniture, design, ultra comfortable and guaranteed for life. Furthermore, all our products will only beautify your interior. And you'll be glad you don't have to replace them every four mornings. 

5. Make time for socializing


For mix serenity and performance, dedicate time to socialisation. Thanks to Slack, Zoom or Klaxoon, stay in touch with your colleagues. Be spontaneous in the way you communicate with them Show them that you are there when needed and even to discuss anything and everything...

To the side  of that, spend time with your friends and your family, take gym or pottery classes in Group, take the time to discuss with your neighbors... In short: multiply the interactions sociales and get out of your house as soon as you feel the need. 

6. Save time!

Before, you had to work or pretend to work when your boss peeked at your screen. Today, you can replace all those awkward moments with useful actions who make you win time

Between two folders, you can: 

  • Wash the dishes ;
  • Prepare dinner and keep it cool;
  • Run a laundry;
  • Make calls;
  • Take your dog for a walk, etc. 

In short, you can shoot down a titan job, both professionally and personally. Thus, you can devote yourself 150% to your private life in the evening. 

Of course, plan for this in your timetable so as not to scatter you. In short, estimate the time needed to complete a task and schedule it at the right time!

7. Decline in motivation? Don't feel guilty!


In case of loss of motivation, do not feel guilty! Here's one good practice dedicated to telework which will certainly reassure you. It's completely normal to have a sudden stress, a sudden fatigue or a lack of determination. 

If this happens to you, don't make excuses. Accept the situation and take steps to get better two hours later or the day after. For example, don't be afraid to take a nap in the middle of the day. 

This can be hugely beneficial to your productivity and energy levels. If you find that you are more motivated after half an hour of rest or meditation, add this time to your daily schedule. All tricks are good for making your working day more efficient and improving your mood. 

8. Replace your daily commute with something you love

We are coming to the end of our list of good practices for effective telework. But this one is almost more important than the others! To make the most of every moment of your day, replace your daily commute with something you love. In other words, keep this notion of "journey".

If you've just started working remotely and are having trouble finding time for yourself, set a morning routine and an evening routine. This will help you create a healthy work-life balance. 

20 minutes of light stretching, a game session with your cat, a art activity to do at home…You need to turn your brain on and off with activity feel good

And you, do you have any tips for efficient and productive telework? Share them with us!

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